Why Does My Furnace Stopped Functioning Following A Power Outage?

Why Does My Furnace Stopped Functioning Following A Power Outage?

Many people have experienced this: when there is a power outage, your heater or air conditioner stops working.

According to experts on heating repair in Peoria, AZ, a power surge may not seem a huge concern as long as the power is restored. Still, your household appliances may be weak to damage than you realize.

Furnace failures due to power outages

The smart thermostat

With electricity, the thermostat will work, so you won’t be able to control how much gas is in the furnace or how hot it gets inside your house. According to experts of furnace services in Peoria, AZ, this poses an inherent risk since it disables your ability to manage the gas.

The ignition mechanism

This mechanism turns on the furnace and starts the gas flow. It will only work with electricity, and the gas won’t be able to start. Experts of furnace services in Peoria, AZ, advise only to try to restart this manually.

Motor for the blower fan

This component of the furnace directs the hot air and gas, ensuring that it moves through the pipes and avoids remaining still and accumulating pressure. Without a fan, the gas will either sit or naturally ascend, which might cause a dangerous accumulation in the pipes.

The gas valve

Most contemporary furnaces have this valve as a safety measure, preventing the gas from flowing through the pipes even if the ignition mechanism were to function and the gas was to ignite in some way. According to experts in heating repair in Peoria, AZ, it’s essential because various incidents could happen.

After a power outage, there are several ways to ignite the furnace

Thermostat check

It is a good starting point. Digital thermostats sometimes behave strangely during power shortages. Ensure that everything is configured correctly and that it has switched back on.

Circuit breakers

Examine the circuit breakers since they can trip during a power outage. Reset them if necessary.

Reset button

In the event of a power loss, the furnace’s reset button may also trip. The button is typically red or yellow and can be found within the blower compartment close to the motor. Keep pressing the button for a short period.

Dial the experts

When the furnace still won’t work, it’s time to contact an expert heating contractor in Phoenix, AZ, for assistance. They can nearly always detect and fix the problem immediately.

Bottom line

You might believe you possess the skills necessary to repair your furnace and get it up and running once more. For safety concerns, the gas valve switches off when there is no electricity, stopping the gas flow and the furnace from operating.

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