What’s the Deal With My Air Conditioner Making a Strange Noise?

What’s the Deal With My Air Conditioner Making a Strange Noise?

Sometimes you might hear strange sounds coming out of your Air Conditioner. Depending on what kind of sound you hear from your HVAC system, it may or may not be a concern. Some operational noise or humming is to be expected and is not dangerous. As your appliance ages, its operation may become louder due to internal wear and tear. However, you should keep an eye out for certain distinct sounds that might indicate an issue with your HVAC system.

  • 10 Most Common HVAC Noises

We have compiled a list of the ten most common HVAC sounds to understand the different kinds of HVAC noises better. Awareness of these sounds with your HVAC system is essential for limiting damage and assisting you with repairs. 

  • Dry Grinding or Squealing

Belts and bearings lose lubrication over time, which results in friction and a squealing sound. Worn-out or dirty motor bearings may also cause this. The motor may overheat and burn if the bearings are not replaced. If your air conditioner breaks down, the right thing is to call a professional for AC repair Peoria, AZ

  • Fierce Clicking

When there is a problem with the heat exchanger, carbon monoxide leaks can occur, which is extremely deadly. You must repair the HVAC unit immediately if the heat exchanger or the ignition makes a loud clicking sound

  • Booming or Rattling 

A clogged gas burner in an unmaintained HVAC unit can produce a rattling or gurgling sound. The gas jet is further obstructed by the dirt, which makes the furnace unable to operate properly.

  • Noise When the Furnace Turns on

The HVAC unit’s failure to ignite the fuel is indicated by a popping or slamming sound. When the burner is sufficiently heated, the fuel accumulates around it and makes a hammering sound. Even popping noises in the ducts are possible. It happens when the temperature fluctuates and the ducts expand and compress.

  • Clanging

A clanging sound is heard when the blower motor fan belt shifts or becomes rusted. Plan a furnace repair so the belt may be replaced before it fails.

  • Other Noises

Additional sounds like chirping when the furnace first turns on, a short clicking sound during startup, or sporadic pinging sounds are typical. However, a sound that lingers for a long time may indicate a major problem. If these noises were fixed immediately, you wouldn’t have to spend money on an unneeded AC repair Peoria AZ.

How to Reduce Strange Noises?


Your HVAC unit may be kept in working order with routine service, tuning-up, and maintenance sessions. Another crucial aspect is cleaning your HVAC unit to prevent airflow restriction. Ultimately, it’s crucial to always remain on guard against system modifications. Being aware enables the earliest possible resolution regarding a furnace problem.

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