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Air pollution is widely known to impact health; however, many people aren’t aware of the impact of outside and indoor air quality. Indoor air quality in Phoenix is more polluted than outdoor air quality.

Our HVAC experts believe that modern, energy-efficient homes do not contain the gaps or cracks that older homes have, and that’s why they have lesser airflow. As a result, allergens, odors, and pollutants can circulate inside your house.

The Effects of Poor Indoor Air Quality

As per the EPA, the average American spends 90% of their time inside, where pollutant levels can be two to five times higher than outside. Air pollution can directly impact a person’s health, resulting in negative consequences immediately or years afterward.

The symptoms resulting from the immediate effects of air pollution may cause common illnesses, such as coughing, headaches, and sinus congestion.

Air pollution’s delayed effects can be serious, particularly to people who are the most vulnerable, including the elderly, children, and those who have weak immune systems.

How Can HVAC Systems Make Indoor Air Quality Poor When Not Maintained Properly?

Our HVAC contractors in Phoenix, AZ, advise that if an HVAC system is designed correctly and is subject to a proper maintenance schedule, it enhances indoor air quality. Yet, HVAC systems can also cause harm to air quality when they are poorly developed or maintained inadequately. There are many ways that HVAC systems can affect indoor air quality.

Spread of bacteria, dust, allergens, and other dangerous substances in residence.
The air is heated or cooled too much. When air is blown around at an excessive speed, it may cause thermal discomfort.
A lack of air humidity that is humid or dry typically causes discomfort and could lead to health problems. In addition, moisture can cause the growth of mold.

Some Suggestions to Improve the Indoor Air Quality.

Here are some suggestions you can start implementing today to improve the quality of air within your home:

  • Replace your AC filter.
    Heating and cooling systems in Phoenix continuously ensure your home has the ideal temperature all year. In time, their air filters get clogged up and cease to function. Make sure you replace your AC filters frequently.
  • Check your air ducts.
    Air ducts that haven’t been maintained properly can transfer pollutants from one area to the next. As time passes, dust, dander, and even mold could build up within the ducts, decreasing the air quality. Employ our technician for heating in Phoenix to ensure that your ducts are circulated with fresh air.
  • Keep your carpets and rugs clean.
    Carpets do much more than increase the comfort in your home. They accumulate dust and other debris within their numerous fibers. Ensure to clean your rugs and carpets regularly.
  • Make sure you control the humidity inside your home.
    Humid conditions can cause mildew and mold that could cause respiratory problems such as asthma and allergies. Our HVAC contractors in Phoenix, AZ, recommend utilizing a few well-placed dehumidifiers to reduce the level of moisture present in the air.


When homeowners want to increase the efficiency of their heating and cooling systems, they usually concentrate on energy efficiency. However, indoor air quality is equally important because it immediately impacts the occupants’ comfort, productivity, and health.

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