How to Save Money on New HVAC System

How to Save Money on New HVAC System

An HVAC system is a huge investment and when it comes to purchasing one, no decision is to be taken in a hurry. The benefits you receive should also be significant. Do not rush the process without expert advice. Contact KJ’s Cooling & Heating LLC for a professional consultation.

If you are heading out to buy a new HVAC unit or upgrade to a new model, we suggest you read the following steps:

  • Compare the prices
    Before you finalize your decision, don’t forget to compare quotes from several HVAC dealers around you. It might take a few days to gather the complete information, but once you have all the prices, you can choose the best offer. Be sure to ask for better deals and rebates.
  • Find off-season deals
    Several HVAC contractors offer occasional and seasonal discounts on new models with free products, upgrades, or maintenance plans. If you are looking for such a special coupon or deal, ask the contractor for festive offers and promotions whenever applicable. 
  • Review rebates and tax credits
    From manufacturer companies to local dealers, all sellers offer rebates for purchasing an energy-efficient system through the Energy Star system. Ask the dealer about tax credits and utility rebates for the total account of your system and save money by investing in efficient and green technology.
  • Choose an energy-efficient system.
    With new technologies daily, installing the top model should be your priority. For your home or business, a top-quality, highly energy-efficient HVAC unit would deliver top-notch performance while keeping costs to a minimum. Ask  KJ’s Cooling & Heating LLC a trusted HVAC contractor in Phoenix, AZ for a high AFUE and SEER rating device that saves you more money in the long run.
  • Choose a reliable company.
    You can not just pick any cheap unit from an unreliable company. It will not save you on the HVAC equipment costs. A wiser decision would be to invest in a highly energy-efficient system from a highly-rated reliable company. Before you buy the system, go through its specifications and ask the contractor if it is a better option in the longer run.
  • Ask for warranties
    Ask your HVAC dealer for manufacturer and seller warranties when you purchase the system. With the documented estimates, you will receive free repair services and easier upgrades. Take advantage of these deals on trusted brands that guarantee top-quality performance for years at minimal expenses. 
  • Get written receipts
    If your HVAC dealer is upfront about the pricing and services, they will provide you with a written statement for the overall job. Take your time to compare the quotes and details offered at the documented prices. Know that a company or HVAC dealer with dishonest practices will hide behind uncredible quotes without the original estimates. 


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