How To Fix a Continuously Running Furnace?

How To Fix a Continuously Running Furnace?

The furnace fan must turn on and off along with the other components and parts of the heating unit. It’s common for the fan to turn on for just a few minutes before the heating begins; however, it shouldn’t operate for hours by itself. It’s not necessarily harmful to the fan but could indicate a bigger issue requiring furnace repair in Phoenix.

How To Fix a Furnace That Keeps Running?

If your furnace’s fan is constantly moving, check these suggestions before calling our heating contractors in Phoenix, AZ, to schedule furnace maintenance.

  • Check the thermostat setting.
    There is an air-conditioning setting on your thermostat, which will control the speed of the blower. If you don’t wish to have the fan running all the time, switch it to AUTO so that it only turns on when your furnace’s switched on. If the setting is set to ON, the furnace fan will continue operating until you change the settings.
    After changing the settings, wait around 3-4 minutes to see whether the fan shuts off. If the fan doesn’t stop after you’ve changed the thermostat settings, it could simply mean that the furnace is running continuously to keep your residence warm. It could also mean you’ve set your thermostat too high, which makes your furnace’s fan continuously run.
  • Change the furnace filter.
    If you’ve not replaced your furnace filter recently, you can try swapping it for a brand-new one. Our furnace repair experts in Peoria, AZ, suggest that filter obstructions can block air circulation through your heating system and could trigger the limit switch on your fan to stop the system from becoming overheated.
  • Check the limit switch.
    A limit switch activates the fan in your furnace when the fan’s motor is switched off or turned on. It is a safety tool, too, as it automatically shuts off the burner when temperatures are too high for the furnace.
    If the furnace fan does not stop working, it could be because the limit switch is programmed to override manually or the actual switch is defective and requires replacement. The limit switch for your fan is located under the hood of the furnace. If you take a closer look at it, you will find a small white button or knob.
    That is the control switch for the limit switch. If the white button seems to be pushing into the switch, it was set for manual overload. It means that the fan will be running continuously. Pull the white button to reset the switch back to AUTO mode.
  • Equipment malfunctions.
    If your fan’s limit switch or button has been pulled out and you cannot find it, you may have a malfunctioning switch or a damaged thermostat wire. Both of these scenarios must be resolved immediately and will require our furnace repair expert’s assistance in Peoria, AZ.

Bottom Line

HVAC systems are extremely complex, and only trained and skilled heating contractors in Phoenix, AZ, are the best equipped to fix and diagnose furnace issues. If you’ve got a furnace that keeps running and you cannot pinpoint the cause, KJ’s Cooling & Heating, LLC can help.

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