Heating Services: Which One To Choose?

Heating Services: Which One To Choose?

Your heating system is crucial in keeping your home warm in the cold winter season. If you don’t have one, it is time you get a new one installed right away. Now that you have chosen to install a heating system, you must consider the various heating services in Peoria, AZ. It can become confusing while choosing heating equipment. Don’t worry. We have explained some of the most popular heating equipment services so that your work is made simple. You can read this blog to know more about heating services’ pros and cons in Peoria, AZ. 

Furnace Systems

A furnace heats your house through hot air. The furnace uses gas or electricity to heat the air. The blower unit then blows the heated air. Adequate airflow is required for a furnace to work efficiently.

Advantages of furnace

  • Furnaces are very fast in heating your house.
  • Furnaces heat every corner of your home evenly.
  • A furnace requires a lower cost to install than its other counterparts.

Disadvantages of furnace

  • Electric furnaces have a high operating cost.
  • Furnaces are noisy as they pass heat through the ducts and vents
  • Furnaces are less energy efficient.
  • Furnaces can scatter the dust and dirt accumulated in the vents and ducts.
  • People having a gas furnace tend to have respiratory illnesses due to air quality issues.
  • Gas furnaces have the risk of leaking carbon monoxide.

Boiler Systems

A boiler heats your house through heated water. The heated water/steam is transferred to the room through pipes where the radiator distributes the heat.

Advantages of boiler

  • Boilers don’t make any noise, unlike a forced-air system.
  • Boilers can also be used to heat the floor through the pipes.
  • Boilers don’t scatter the dust and dirt in the air vents, unlike furnaces.
  • Boilers don’t possess any respiratory health risks.

Disadvantages of boiler

  • Boilers are more expensive as compared to furnaces.
  • Boilers are subject to water leakages. If the water tank bursts, it can be a huge mess.
  • Boilers can also face the problem of water freezing if the temperature is low. The pipes can also freeze.

Heat Pump Systems

Heat pumps are a combination of heating and cooling systems. The reversing valve is the component that is used to switch between heating and cooling modes. Heat pumps utilize the surrounding air to heat your home.

Advantages of heat pumps

  • Heat pumps cost less to operate than most gas furnaces and boilers.
  • Heat pumps are more energy-efficient than their counterparts.
  • Heat pumps don’t have the risk of carbon monoxide and gas leaks.
  • A Heat pump is a two-in-one system that doesn’t require separate maintenance and repairs.

Disadvantages of heat pumps

  • Heat pumps cost more than a furnace installation.
  • Heat pumps are not recommended at locations where the temperature falls below the freezing point.
  • Heat pumps don’t have designated heat sources.
  • Heat pumps generally live less than boilers and furnaces. =

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Keep in mind that a certified HVAC technician must always do your heating installation. Some HVAC manufacturers cancel their product’s warranty if a non-certified individual does the installation/repair. Contact KJ’s Cooling & Heating LLC for all heating services in Peoria, AZ. All our technicians are certified and experts in their fields.