7 Steps to Buying the Best Furnace for Your Home

7 Steps to Buying the Best Furnace for Your Home

KJ’s Cooling and Heating LLC is here to help you buy or replace your furnace. We are well-known for our HVAC installation and furnace repair in Phoenix and the other areas of Arizona! Our professional experts have made a guide through which you can decide the perfect furnace for your residence. 

How to Select the Perfect Furnace for your Residence? 

All these steps will help you reach the best options of furnaces available in the market! 

  • Region Climate 

Is it freezing winters in your area, or does it experience mild winters? The furnace repair experts in Phoenix suggest that if your area experiences mild winters, you should go with furnaces having an AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Energy) score of at least 80. On the other hand, if your area experiences freezing, snowy winters, you should go with furnaces having an AFUE score of 90 or above. 

  • Requirement of Fuel

There are natural gas, electric, oil-based furnaces. Electric and natural gas are affordable and easy to install. However, electric furnaces can generate high electricity bills upon their usage. 

  • Furnace Type 

There are different types of furnaces based on fuel consumption. They are electric, oil-based, and natural gas. Natural gas furnaces come in three different types and differ from each other in the way they operate. 

Single-stage gas furnaces – The gas flows at a high rate in this furnace. It is best for the region that receives milder winters.   

Two-stage gas furnaces – You can adjust the gas flow rate from low to high. 

Modulating gas furnaces – It distributes the warmth evenly in all the house spaces. It is recommended for people who live in icy regions. 

  • Energy Efficiency 

Our furnace repair experts in Peoria, AZ, suggest that consumers see the AFUE rating before buying any HVAC equipment. The consumer should buy equipment that has a higher AFUE rating. The electric ones have a rating around 95-100, but their expenses are a little expensive. If you live in a mild-winter region, we suggest you go for an AFUE rating of 80 or beyond.    

  • Size 

The size of the furnace influences the efficiency of the system. A small furnace would not be able to warm a large house no matter how efficient it is! Our HVAC technician will assist you in finding the perfect size of the furnace that will efficiently warm up your entire home. 

  • Ask the HVAC technician!

After narrowing down your options, it is time to contact the HVAC technician who knows everything about this industry. We will guide you with the best advice and products with the best facilities. 

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