7 Common Causes That Your AC Is Not Turning On

7 Common Causes That Your AC Is Not Turning On

An air conditioner may unexpectedly stop working at odd hours. It is not always necessary that an air conditioner will give initial malfunctioning signs like short cycling and water leakage before malfunctioning; it can happen without any warning.

We cannot know when an air conditioner will suddenly stop working, but we should know what we can do to bring it back to functioning. If we know some quick tips to tackle an air conditioner that does not switch on, it may save us from hiring a technician who provides AC service in Peoria, AZ.

Seven common reasons that your AC is malfunctioning.

Clean the air filters

If you did not check your air filters for the past few weeks, their clogging’s and dust settlement might be the reason for your air conditioner to break down. Remove the air filters, clean or replace them with new ones, and try restarting your air conditioner. Dirty air filters can force the system to stop working.

A malfunctioning thermostat

All air conditioner owners know the importance of thermostats for their air conditioners. If the thermostat detects the wrong temperature, it will instruct the air conditioner to cool accordingly, making you uncomfortable.

Power shortage

An air conditioner needs electricity to work. If it does not receive electricity or power from its connection, it will not work no matter how many times you schedule its servicing in a year. Check its socket for loose wires or breakages in the connections to fix this issue.

Less refrigerant

Did you know about the refrigerant? If you have faced a refrigerant leakage in the past, we are sure you know how important and necessary it is in cooling your home. Suppose refrigerant levels are insufficient or there is refrigerant leakage.

Dirty system

We understand not all air conditioner owners love to clean, but when you own an expensive appliance, you should take proper care of it. Regular cleaning is the best way to care for any of your HVAC appliances.

Malfunctioning motors

The work of motors in an air conditioner is to ensure an even distribution of cool air throughout the house. If the motors have faults or cannot function for any reason, your air conditioner will refuse to work as one of its main components has been damaged.

External reasons

Your air conditioner is not switching on because of external factors, not internal issues. External issues include a blown a fuse or a tripped breaker. Excessive pressure on the breaker or fuse may malfunction and not supply electricity to your air conditioner for functioning.


If you checked all these factors yet your air conditioner did not restart functioning efficiently, you should contact KJ’s Cooling & Heating LLC for help. There may be some serious internal issue with your air conditioner that is not letting your system work.

Contact us for services like furnace maintenance and AC maintenance in Phoenix. We will ensure your HVAC appliance works with proper efficiency and have an enhanced lifespan.