4 Strange Smells You Might Experience When Your Heat Is On

4 Strange Smells You Might Experience When Your Heat Is On

With winter approaching, chances are, you probably have already turned on the heating system in your home. After sitting idle for months, your heating system might produce an unexpected and unpleasant smell for the first time.

Below is a list of different odors that can be emitted from your heater and what they mean:

  • Burning Odor
    This kind of burning smell is normal as the dirt and debris that settle on the system are burnt off. For the first day, when you turn on the heating system, these particles will burn away, leaving a dusty odor. However, it should fade away after a few moments. Remember, if the smell lingers for more than a day, you need professional assistance.
    Turn off the heat and find the cause of the issue with the help of our professional HVAC contractors in Phoenix, AZ. If you keep ignoring it over time, more problems will be created with the airflow and increase energy costs.
  • Electrical Odor
    Watch out for the smell of burning wires. Suppose you sense an electrical burning smell when you turn on the heating system. In that case, it indicates an issue with the electrical parts, such as frayed wiring, malfunctioning motor, noisy blower, and much more.
    All these issues are serious and, if ignored, can burn out the entire motor circuit and cause a fire, which is quite expensive for management. So, avoid the risk of life by turning off the heat immediately in such a case. Call our HVAC expert and fix the issue without delay.
  • Musty Odor
    The musty odor from the heating system is associated with health issues for your home. It mainly comes from the ductwork and coils of your heat pump, where mold and mildew might have built up over the months of inactivity. A heat pump heats up to 130 degrees Fahrenheit, which is not enough to kill the pathogens.
    Therefore, save yourself from this trouble with an easy fix: clean the filters and ducts before the start of the season. See if the smell goes away with time and if not, replace the air filters. If you require heating repair in Peoria, AZ contact KJ’s Cooling & Heating LLC for assistance.
  • Sulfur (rotten eggs) Odor
    This kind of odor comes from gas furnaces only. If you sense a gas leak in your home, be careful, as it may catch fire easily and result in an explosion. Ensure the gas lines are always enclosed without a leak, and turn off the heat in case of escaping gas. Leave your home for the time being until a professional examination is completed.
    Remember to deal with the gas lines with utmost priority and not ignore the rotten egg smell from them due to the addition of methyl mercaptan. Do not ignore the signs and call the emergency gas helpline for immediate support.


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